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November Feedback
Nov 29, 10 12:43 AM
October feedback
Oct 19, 10 11:02 PM
Oct 3, 10 10:19 AM
ZM completed !!!
Jul 11, 09 12:17 AM
Assault: Excavation Duty (WIN)
Apr 3, 09 1:14 PM


Welcome to our Linkshell.  We are a friendly group that help each other.  We doing Xp party, Assault, Zillart mission, CoP mission and more.  Also, we help each other to advance through FFXI game.
Be sure to register to Guildportal to gain full acces to the site.  For more info, Clic How to join on the right side.


November Feedback

Darwena, Nov 29, 10 12:43 AM.
Here we go on what hapend in Nightstalker for November '10:

-Mailia reach lv85 on PUP and RDM.  She also reach 93 on cooking.
-Darwena Reach lv85 on SMN and BLU
-Scrooge finaly finished the quest: An Understanding Overlord? thanks to Darwena and Mailia but also to Cdzog, Kiteeohana and Laifa for the help.  Now he are a orcish Sergent (he have higher rank with orcish than  Whitegate mercenary) and have a nice hat to prove it.
-Darwena got Savage blade WS. Thanks for Scrooge and Mailia for the help.

I found some peoples for Assault, only problem is: my new work schedule is very mesy so probably weekend will be the only option so far.  zNM will be an option soon so if you are interested, start aquiring Zeni >> zNM (Zeni Notorious Monster) on Wiki <<. Also if you have any suggestion for event, feel free to message me or use the forum. :)

October feedback

Darwena, Oct 19, 10 11:02 PM.
So far in Nightstalker for october 2010:

Mailia:  Reached Cooking 90.
Mailia and Darwena done caps level quest, so now they are ready to reach lv85.
Darwena working on Bonecraft (28) and woodworking (47).
Scrooge like to impress ladys with his colection of XP ring.
Devnell reach NIN61 and seem to enjoy the job more and more.

So far, our Level Sync PT ocur 4-5 time per week, helping our members reach some level on support job or simply be high enough to do Abyssea.

Working on a fix day for some BCNM run.


Darwena, Oct 3, 10 10:19 AM.

Me (Darwena), Mailia and Devnell are back in Nightstalker.  Scrooge joined us as well and Zanlabik come to say hi time to time.

We do our lil LS PT almost everyday at 8pm (EST) for leveling our lower job, San D'Oria Mission will schedul soon and we probably go back in Assault pretty soon as well.

For more info tell me (Darwena) or Mailia.

ZM completed !!!

Darwena, Jul 11, 09 12:17 AM.
Mailia, Nottouchy, Kazzack and me (Darwena) completed the mission of Rise of the Zilart.

Good job on that and Thanks to Elsp and Darkwind for the help on final boss.

Assault: Excavation Duty (WIN)

Mailia_, Apr 3, 09 1:14 PM.
We did it!!!  Excavation Duty 1/2 run win. 

Team was:

Darwena NIN/WAR (lead)
Mailia DRG/SAM
Zanlabik BLM/WHM
Devnell DNC/NIN

1st run we didnt have luck with us but the 2nd one was awsome 2 mine dropped on 2 kill and me as DRG instead of RDM made that run succefull!!!
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